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miss super-duper crime-fighting goody two-shoes
12 December 2010 @ 05:40 pm

'Apols' for not being on much, and, to be quite honestly, I don't plan on being much here either in the future. Don't worry, eljay, you'll always have a big shiny place in my heart -- the one reserved for fics about pretty girls, sexyyesyesyes  and picspams.

I just want u guise to know that there are some of you I don't talk to often but are QUITE AWESOME. So, when I disappear from here for good -- imminent death apparent --, we can go hang out on twitter, tumblr or even msn if you're more than 'quite awesome'.

Now, my life: IT'S GOING ALRIGHT, TA.

(Feel free to spam me with gifs? Gifs are still in here, right? And chat? WE CAN CHAT, RIGHT?)

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miss super-duper crime-fighting goody two-shoes
24 July 2010 @ 04:22 pm
Let's play a game I like to call 'guess the popstar'.

Carry on. (Carry on, like nothing really matters.)

Poll #1596623 Something in the picture is familiar....

Who is that popstar?


I had a dream about Ula last night. It was fun. Yesterday I had a dream about Agronsky. It's like my brain is trying to be nice to me or something. I'm sure I'll go back to dreaming about teeth or going to class wearing running shoes in a few days.
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miss super-duper crime-fighting goody two-shoes
At this precise second, I'm not only on vacations but also sick. Which means I spent the day doing exciting things such as trying to watch the Cracks movie (if I had liked the book, I'd have said they annihilated the plot with bad casting and random changes -- but I didn't, so they just created a different, shit story), organising my external HD, listening to music and reading Nick Hornby's 31 Songs.

It's definitely an interesting book, if you like Hornby and pop music. And I do like Hornby because I could not identify more with a sports-obsessed pop culture-driven guy. Replace guy by girl, England by Brazil, the 70s for the 90s and that's pretty much me. (Which I don't think is exactly healthy, but, hey, it's not like I can control my obsessions.)

There's this bit in the book I quite liked and wanted to share with you guys. He basically says that people that despise pop music probably do it because music is one of the few things whose complication and intelligence does not equate with superiority. Which, is then added, is a feeling that also comes from people that hate sports. Even if that was partly said ironically -- ISN'T IT TRUE? The number of people that will hate anything loved by the general public because it gives them a false sense of superiority is just ridiculous.

My father himself thinks he's a big musical connaissance because he can differentiate Bach from Beethoven. I swear, the number of times I've heard him say that he 'had already started liking music at my age' makes me want to strangle someone. Now, I won't discuss my dad's need of feeling intellectually superior to the rest and his completely hypocrisy towards pop music because... I don't want to. But I do wish people would stop thinking liking X band instead of Y or liking classical over pop makes them better. Considering only a certain genre of music to be worth of the name 'music' is one of the most conceited thoughts I can come up with.

Basically, I hate posers. I like who people can admit they love Britney Spears, watching some football but that doesn't stop them from reading Kafka and loving Eisenstein. If I were to put an ad on a dating website, I'm 99% that's what it would say. ALSO: MUST BE UNDERSTANDABLE TOWARDS TENNIS OBSESSION. 

(I love writing here. Why don't I always remember that and trade LJ for playground Twitter or shallow Tumblr? I apologise.)
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Beat: The Silent League - Yours Truly, 2095
miss super-duper crime-fighting goody two-shoes
11 June 2010 @ 05:58 pm
 (I had to get a World Cup icon.

So I got that one.

Thou shall not judge.)

U GUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISE, IT'S HERE, IT'S HERE. No, not Roland Garros, you silly. That already passed and went wonderfully, might I add. I think the World Cup came at a great time, tennis-wise. If Rafa really is injured (and actual lost because he was in pain, not because he was experimenting on grass), then I'll want a break from my favourites in tennis. Because, you know, I have no favourites left. They all have injured something.

Another good thing about World Cup 2010 is my expectations for my pretty nation to take the title: NONE. NONE WHATSOEVER. This is very good because it means there will be no heartbreaks. Well, there might. But then they will be Spain-related (LOLLLL CAN'T BE RUSSIA-RELATED, CAN IT? *still not over it*) and that doesn't hurt nearly as much.

Knowing how sports work with me (THEY DON'T. NOT AT ALL),  probably either Argentina or England will take the title.

BRAVE LION SIR ASHLEY COLE. Just keep that in mind. That's all, ladies and gents. 
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miss super-duper crime-fighting goody two-shoes
When life sucks so hard, what do you do? Talk about fandom. Cheers, everyone, cheers.

LotS 2x21 - the one where AU!Cara is straightCollapse )

Also, who do I need to torture around here to get some Denna/Dahlia/Cara fic? God, you guys. Get on with it.

Next week it's the LAST EPISODE EVER. I need hugs, chocolate and booze -- lots of booze.
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